The Team

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Isaac W. – Programming Captain 

At the age of 14, Isaac has been a part of the Lords of the Brick since it’s start, and was previously a member of our sister team, The Ninja Bricks.  A serious Lego fanatic, he started building major Lego projects before Lego’s lawyers would have wanted him to, and hopes to pursue a degree in Computer Science or something closely related to programming or engineering. Isaac oversees the programming that takes place on the Robot,and works very closely with Noah to put together a good robot for the competitions.

“FLL has been such a great opportunity; teaching me how to research things and brainstorm well. I’ve learned how to build a robot, and how to be part of a team. I also learned how to break up bigger projects into smaller steps to get things done more efficiently. This experience has been invaluable. It has opened my eyes to careers that I would never have thought to explore. In fact, because of FLL I am looking at becoming an engineer, which I had never thought about before FLL. It’s has ever-challenging puzzles that need solving have kept me learning throughout my five years of FLL. As one of the main run team for the last four years, I have had my performance under pressure increase dramatically, which has been helpful when in the past I have had to replace the robot’s battery just before a match. I have had the chance to grow with my team for four years now, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.” 


Noah P. –  Build Captain  

Noah joined the Lords of the Brick in its first year, and has always been one of the head leaders.  He has been a captain of the research project, but lately his title has been the Build Captain, where he oversees all the different designs that the students bring him for each challenge.  Together they learn as a team. Noah works very closely with Isaac and helps integrate those designs onto the robot so that it can achieve as many points as possible.


Shalom K. – Core Values Captain

Shalom, who is currently 12 years old, has been part of the FLL Lords of the Brick team from its inception. Ever since she was 7 years old, she wanted to join a Lego League team, and was a unofficial member on the Egypticons and, as soon as she turned nine years old, she officially jumped in and has loved it ever since. As a youngster who is upbeat she is eager to learn and ready for anything. Although she learns about all aspects of the team, Shalom has served her team as the Core Values Captain. This has meant helping lead the team in building posters ,and coming up with cheers and games that embody the FLL spirit. and she has had the best experience with her friends and the coaches even when we go crazy

“The First Lego League has had a huge impact on my life. Before FIRST, I was shy, nervous, awkward and goofy. Now I am confident about my abilities, doing research, speaking in front of others, and I am able to be comfortable as my naturally silly and goofy self. Yeah, I’m still goofy.  Just not shy about it. Thank you to my team and to FLL. I have made great friends and found a love of programming. Thank you FLL.”

Elizabeth D.

Elizabeth is 14 and has been on three Lego league teams in the last six years. Her first was the Lego Lambs, following in her brothers’ footsteps, and she was also on the Ninja Bricks. That was the year before she joined the Lords of the Bricks. Her first years on LOTB (Lords of the Bricks) she was co-captain for research team with Noah. After that year Elizabeth has continued as Research Queen. This is the only year she has not been Research Queen, but this has made it easier to work on more areas in Lego League.  She is still working closely with Abby and Elliot on the project and research. and also helps out with building and programming the robot.

“First Lego League has made me more confident and has taught me many skills. I am confident in presenting our project and have learned skills programming, building our systems and even running the robot in competitions. having watched my brothers competing in the worlds for Lego Lambs, and on the Finney Falcons, being able to earn my way there with MY team means a lot to me. I Also Learned not to bring popcorn to Mr. Pragle’s house. Thank you FLL”

Abby C. – Research Queen

Abby has been a part of Lego League for 5 years, although it is her first year on the Lords of the Bricks.  She was part of one of our sister teams, the Ninja Bricks, and Next Gen. She has always been drawn to working on the project and has been a leader in it for most of her time in Lego League.  This year she has been diligently working alongside Elizabeth and Elliot with the project. One of her jobs on the team is research Queen which means she holds on to the binder and organizes it and reviews it.  FLL has also helped her apply Core values in her personal life.


“Throughout my life in FLL I have learned a lot about problem-solving. Almost any problem can be solved if you try hard enough and if you have friends to help you solve it too. Nothing is impossible and when you treat your friends with respect and live with the core values that are taught in FLL, you can find your goal even faster And we can’t forget our coaches, we appreciate Mr. Pragle and Mr. Weisbrod.  Thank you FLL.”


 Josh R.

When Josh was 13 he joined the Lords of the Bricks and has learned a lot about technology and team-building skills. His first year, he was in the build and project team. through the years he has grown in the team and this year has been given the chance to run the robot in competitions. He enjoys competing against other teams, alongside his teammates. He helps on research, ideas for the project, discusses what the team should do next with the project and helps design attachments to compete  the tasks on the challenge board.

“First Lego League has shown me how to use Core Values to try to solve real-life problems and cooperate with other kids.  It has also shown me to use robotics to compete tasks. Thank you FLL.”


Elliot W.  – Project & Script captain

Elliot has also been with the Lords of the Brick since it began.  He started his FLL career on the Ninja Bricks when he was an unofficial member at the age of 8.  Since then he has come to love working especially on the research projects, and enjoys writing the original drafts of the scripts for the team’s presentations.

“I think the thing I like the most about FLL is that no matter what happens, win or lose, the team is always there. There are many good things that FIRST teaches but the most important to me is that if you lose, you pick up all the salvageable pieces, all the good, all the bad, and make them better for the second try. And if you win, there is a team of friends to celebrate your accomplishments with. And when we lose, we lose as a team – and get up, and start again. It is important to know that you can get up when you FLL, and that there are people to help get your lazy butt off the floor, and help you try again.”


 Zack G.

Zach has been on the team since its second year. He has worked with most areas on the team.  He has worked on core values, research, and programming teams, but he loves to work on the building team and working on the attachments for the robot. This is where his passion really comes through. While working on the attachments, he works closely with Noah the building captain.  Zach’s insights have been able to help get lots of points on the team’s robot runs.

“Being on the Lords of the Brick Lego league team has been an amazing experience. It has helped me to learn about robotics, to meet people and spend time with my friends. Thank you FLL!”


Ben G.

Ben is currently 12 years old and has been on the team for 3 years. Ben is the Lords of the Brick’s mascot and he is also the water boy on the team. He actually gets painted blue for competitions. Ben helps with team spirit and work with Shalom to make the Core Values come to life and has helped encourage the team

“First Lego League has helped me learn many skills. I have learned a bit of programming and building from Noah and Isaac, and get to be with my friends.Thank you FLL.”


 Abby G.

Abby who is currently 10 years old, has been part of the Lords of the Brick for two years now. Abby has had an amazing FLL experience so far. She has learned Core values skills and team leadership. Through her years she has also learned how to cooperate and work as a team with the others. FLL has had a big impact on her life.

“FLL has taught me building and cooperation skills. The first year I was on the team I was a little bit shy since I only knew my brothers. Now I have made lots of friends on the team and I definitely feel included and part of the team. Thank you FLL for the impact.”



Coach Chris

Coach Chris is Noah’s father and a veteran coach of several award-winning teams. He has traveled to FIRST’s World Championship before with his previous team, The Lego Lambs, and is looking forward to being in Detroit this year with The Lords of the Brick.

Coach Dave

Coach Dave is Isaac and Elliot’s father, and has been a coach in FLL for 5 years.  He has been coaching the Lords of the Brick with Coach Chris for all 4 years,and was with The Ninja Bricks for one.  He is also a teacher and adviser for the Penfield Robotic’s High School Team, 1511 Rolling Thunder, and has been involved in FIRST in one form or another for almost 15 years.






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