A leaky pipe can waste upwards of 500 gallons per year. Americans alone waste over 1 trillion gallons of water every year.  Now, knowing that your faucet is leaking is pretty obvious, but how do you know if your pipes themselves are leaking? We have proposed a product that monitors the pipes within your home, and will alert you if it senses a leak.  We call it D.R.I.P.S. (Detection and Recognition of Impaired Pipes System). We’ve constructed a working prototype using a “Raspberry Pi” mini-computer, and programmed it using the Python programming language.

D.R.I.P.S. is an awesome, low-cost way of saving people lots of money, both from the loss of water (one of our most precious natural resources) as well as from the damage that leaky pipes can cause. One of the most important things that it can do is help prevent the spread of deadly black mold from basements and within walls: If a homeowner is warned of a leaky pipe in a timely manner, they can not only save money, and the planet, but they may also just save their health.