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The Lords of the Brick is a FIRST Lego League team comprised of 10 home school students from Rochester, NY.  We’re a veteran team, with most of the members being together for 3 or more years.  Being a homeschool team, we are coached by two of the team members’ fathers, and the other parents are very involved in everything we do. We also have relationships with a couple of high-school robotics teams, including Penfield Robotics (1511) and Finney Robotics (1405).  We enjoy Lego League because of FIRST’s Core Values, and how it creates a great place for friendly competition, creative problem solving and just having fun working together.

FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, and is an organization that teaches students of all ages the application of science and technology through the use of different tools and competitions.  The Lego League is comprised of teams that use Lego’s Mindstorms product to program robots to complete a series of tasks (or missions) that change every year.  In addition to being judged on their robot, the team is also asked to research a problem in the world that has to do with a certain specific issue, and then come up with a new solution for that problem. At each competition, awards are given to teams based upon both the robot, the project, and the overall team’s performance, but in the technical areas, and also as a team itself: How they treat each other, and how they treat their competitors.  The founders of FIRST call this “coopertition.”

The Lords of the Brick is one of three FLL teams sponsored by the Pittsford Community Church chapter of LEAH.  The team won the Champion’s Award at the Webster Qualifying Competition on November 18, 2017. On December 10, 2017, the Lords of the Brick competed among the best teams at the FLL Regional Championship at the University of Rochester.  There they were given the coveted Champion’s Award for the entire Finger Lakes Region, and earned a spot at the World Championships!  The students and their coaches/mentors will be traveling to the FIRST LEGO League Robotics World Festival in Detroit this April. The team members are excited about the educational and multi-cultural opportunities that await them in Detroit.  In addition to that, the final prize will be awards of college scholarships for the students, and they are hopeful that their team has a shot at some of the awards that are given at World’s.




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